Kangana Ranaut: The teaser of Kangana Ranaut’s upcoming ‘Emergency‘ movie is in front of the audience.

The Bollywood’s ‘Pangaqueen’ Kangana Ranaut is currently in the news for her upcoming film ‘Emergency’ based on Real life.

Kangana has also announced the release date of ‘Emergency’ movie by sharing the teaser on her instagram profile.

The teaser of the movie ‘Emergency’ was initially written on 25 June 1975 as written. Fans are appertaining the trailer

The anarchy created in the country, arrest of leaders of opposition parties, violence taking place everywhere, and many such things have been dedicatedly shown in the teaser.

Kangna’s dialogues in ‘Emergency’ or cinema will attract the attention of the audience. Ya deshachi karne karne naatee konik mala dhoopu shakt nahi.. karan India is Indira and Indira is India”.

In the teaser, we can see the story of then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi about the lockdown implemented in the country in 1975.