The Simpsons Predicted the Future Again: Missing Titanic Submarine

The Simpsons Submarine Titanic Mike Reiss

A Simpsons fan on social media has pointed out an unexpected connection between the show and the Titanic submersible.

A submersible named Titan, which aims to locate the wreckage of the sunken ship Titanic, has been missing in the Atlantic Ocean with five people on board since Sunday (June 18).

Rees has spoken about his experiences as a passenger on the company Oceangate Expeditions, having gone on several voyages in the past.

Now, people are pointing to a deeper connection to the classic animation’s material.

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The social media account “Four Finger Discount” wrote, “Weird fact: Former Simpsons showrunner @MikeReissWriter took a ride last year on the same Titanic submersible that is now missing. His last episode to date was ‘Simpson Tide,’ featuring Homer and His comrades were involved. Trapped on a damaged submarine.”

‘Simpson Tide’ is actually the last episode that has Reece listed as an executive producer. However, as recently as 2009 he was listed as a producer on the show.

The episode sees their submarine gets hit by a depth charge, leaving them trapped in a dangerous situation inside the leaking vessel.

The Simpsons are famous for predicting the future. Others have also highlighted a plot point in the seventeenth season episode 10, ‘Homer’s Paternity Coot’, in which Homer comes close to running out of oxygen in a submersible after inadvertently crashing it.

That’s when Rees spoke about his experiences on the Titanic submersible on BBC Breakfast on Monday (19 June): “I know the logistics of it and I know how vast the ocean is and I also know how small that ship is.

He Also Added, “If the ship is at the bottom of the ocean I don’t know how we are going to reach it, let alone bring it back up.”

Rees reported that he went on three separate dives with Oceangate Expeditions, the company that owns the Titan and that he “almost always lost communication”.

He said “I came over it all and the thing going in my mind is I am not going to ride this thing at all,’ it’s always with you,”

Rees said that the Titan is “a beautifully designed craft”; However, the nature of the campaign makes problems possible.

He added, “It doesn’t mean it’s a shoddy ship or anything, it’s just that it’s completely new technology and they’re learning it.”

“You just have to remember the early days of space programs there were many mistakes during the process of early aviation, it happens everywhere, you make mistakes in the beginning.

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