Marvel’s secret invasion: First Episode Shocked Everyone

secret invasion

As we all know Marvel always creates hype before the release of their movies or series and this time also marvel has done his job very effectively. Fans were eagerly waiting for the release of the series “Secret Invasion” and finally it is released today.


The first episode basically explores the powers of Skrulls on the planet Earth. A huge group consisting of Skrulls led by General Talos(Ben Mendelsohn) is penetrating human society by stealing the identities of powerful people in order to create chaos in society.

As the episode begins we see Everett K. Ross talking with Agent Prescod. Prescod expresses his thoughts on the terrorist attacks as he explains that Skrulls could be responsible for the attacks. Prescord tries to convince Ross to contact Fury but he is skeptical.

Then we see Fury living in an enclosed exile on a S.A.B.E.R space station. Talos then visits Nick Fury and he explains that the Skrulls are planning a major attack on Earth. Nick Fury was reluctant at first but after a small talk, he agrees to help him stop the Skrulls.

Fury and Talos track down a Skrull who was planning to detonate a big bomb to blast the whole Moscow city. They are able to stop the bomb but unfortunately, the Skrulls escape and then he impersonates himself as Nick Fury and kills Maria Hill (Cobie Smulders) with a gun.

Nick and Talos then reach the spot and finds that Maria Hill was no more.

The episode ends with fury and Talos realizing that Skrulls are everyone, they can be anyone and they cannot trust anyone.

Marvel’s Secret Invasion begins with a dramatic opening

The most dramatic part of the episode is the killing of Maria Hill and fans on Twitter are trolling Marvel for this act.

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Marvel Using AI For Intros 😂

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