‘Ghajini’ fame actress Asin separated from husband? relationship broke down after 7 years

Asin Rahul Sharma Ghajini Rumor
Asin: After marriage, Asin made a splash in the cine industry.

The ‘Kalpana’ from Aamir Khan’s ‘Ghajini’ is on everyone’s mind. (Asin) performed as the outline of the idea. Asin has dominated not only Hindi but also South films. After marrying Micromax founder Rahul Sharma, she said goodbye to the cine industry. Now she has deleted all the pictures with her husband from the social media platform Instagram. He has also taken pictures of their wedding, after seeing which the fans are surprised.

There is a lot of talk about Asin getting divorced from her husband Rahul

Asin and Rahul Sharma got married on 19 January 2016 after dating each other. The wedding ceremony in Delhi was performed as per Christian and Hindu rituals. In 2017, Asin gave birth to a daughter Arin. Asin’s Instagram account has pictures of her 5-year-old daughter Arin’s birthday. After the death of late actor Rishi Kapoor, he also included a photo with Rahul in his emotional post. He hasn’t even deleted it. The monochrome picture is from Asin and Rahul’s wedding reception, which was also attended by Rishi Kapoor.

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Asin and Rahul’s love story is said to have started in 2012 when Asin was going to Dhaka in a private jet for the film ‘Housefull 2’. Akshay Kumar was also with him. Akshay and Rahul Sharma were close friends. It was Akshay who introduced Asin to Rahul and advised both of them to go on a date, but Asin ignored his advice. At that time, Asin did not know that Rahul was the owner of the jet by which she had come. She became convinced of his simplicity and after exchanging numbers, the conversation between the two increased and then love reached marriage.

A fan page of Asin and Rahul, whose pictures with their husbands were deleted in February, has claimed to have fueled rumors of their separation. It is said that Asin had deleted her pictures with Rahul in February itself. The admin of the page shared some pictures of the couple and pointed out how Asin has been uploading and deleting her posts since quite some time. However, there is no official information yet on whether Asin and Rahul will separate or not. It is also not clear why Asin deleted all her pictures with Rahul.

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